Horses In Harmony Equine Massage Therapy

Certified massage for horse and rider


Welcome to the Horses In Harmony website. Feel free to look around and sign the guestbook. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment.


 Massage is the gentle manipulation of the soft tissues to assist the body in the healing process.


Massage IS NOT a substitution for veterinary care. Any concerns or injuries should be examined/diagnosed by your veterinarian before starting a massage program.


The focus of massage is injury prevention, helping maintain better physical condition, and successfully integrating a feeling of wholeness and wellness in all living beings.


Horses In Harmony offers therapeutic massage for horses of any breed, age or riding discipline. Let Candy's skilled hands help your horse give you his best by releasing pain and relaxing the body. See for yourself the difference a massage program can make in your horses performance, recovery and/or well being.


Horses In Harmony is based in Howell, Michigan.